Update No. 1 (September 2016) Metro Tunnel Project | Melbourne Grammar School

Update No. 1 (September 2016) Metro Tunnel Project

The Victorian Government has launched the Melbourne Metro Rail Project (MMRP), which will result in the establishment of the Metro Tunnel.

The Metro Tunnel involves construction of two nine-kilometre twin rail tunnels, in addition to five new underground stations. One of these underground stations – Domain – is to be located on St Kilda Road, adjacent to Melbourne Grammar School. The station will include a tram ‘super stop’ above it.  Ultimately, the development of the Domain Station will bring significant benefits for MGS students, staff and parents.  However, we recognise that there may be challenges for the School during the construction phase of the project. 

As always, the welfare and education of our students is our paramount consideration. MGS is giving this Project a high priority, and is proactively undertaking steps to identify and mitigate risks and issues arising from it. The School has sought the advice of traffic and engineering consultants and, on July 6, made a detailed submission to the relevant Inquiry and Advisory Committee. We are taking baseline measurements of a range of environmental factors, such as noise and vibration levels, amongst other actions. The Domain Station is planned to have a ‘cut and cover’ construction technique, rather than deep tunnelling, which we understand will occur through the CBD. Waste from the tunnelling operation will be held on the Edmund Herring Oval, opposite the School, prior to its removal by trucks

Subject to the necessary planning and environment approvals, construction is expected to commence in 2017, with the entire project anticipated to be completed by 2026. It is not anticipated that there will be disruption to the School for this entire period. At this stage we have been advised that ‘early works’ will commence in 2017. These may include:

  • Closure of the St Kilda Road/Domain Road intersection and lane restrictions in St Kilda Road
  • Re-routing of No 8 tram from Domain Road to Toorak Road West and (turn right) onto St Kilda Road
  • Re-routing of a sewer underneath the west corner of Wadhurst

There is little doubt that MGS is one of the major stakeholders in the Domain Precinct.  However, we have also been approached by a number of residential groups who have concerns over the site and construction methodology of the proposed train station. It may be that some of the residential groups will approach parents to sign petitions about the MMRP, near pickup and drop-off points around the School.

We assure all parents and students that the School is carefully considering its response to the MMRP to ensure minimal impact on our educational programmes, and to protect the health and safety of staff, students and others who operate on our St Kilda Road campus each day. The School will provide community members with regular updates about the Project and the School’s plans for dealing with issues arising.

Further information about the Melbourne Metro Rail Project is available at: http://metrotunnel.vic.gov.au/