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Over the last one hundred and fifty years, our learning community has welcomed students from a diverse range of backgrounds, each bringing their own talents, interests and enthusiasm.

Our student body brings together children and young people from all walks of life, including boys and girls from the local area, boarders from regional Victoria and interstate, international students and Indigenous students. Their outstanding achievements – in academia, sport, the arts, community service and a range of other areas – have played a pivotal role in establishing Melbourne Grammar School’s excellent reputation.

Through our admissions process, we hope to ensure places are offered to deserving students. There is significant demand for places, so each application is assessed carefully to ensure the School is a good fit for the student, and vice versa. The main entry points are Prep and Year 7, with small intakes at Year 3 and Year 9.

Since its establishment, the School has been home to a thriving boarding community. Boarding is available for students from Year 7 to Year 12, and our boarders occupy purpose-built facilities adjacent to the main campus in leafy South Yarra.

The following fees have been ratified by the School Council and apply for the 2018 school year.

Melbourne Grammar School fees are levied four times per year for Prep to Year 11 and three times per year for Year 12.

Local Student Tuition & Boarding Fee Schedule

  Fees per term Fees per annum
Year 12 $10,980* $32,940
Year 11 $8,235 $32,940
Year 10 $8,825 $35,300
Year 9 $8,235 $32,940
Years 7-8 $7,730 $30,920
Prep - Year 6 $6,605 $26,420
Year 12 $8,600* $25,800
Years 7-11 $6,450 $25,800

* Levied Terms 1, 2 and 3

International Student Tuition & Boarding Fee Schedule


  Fees per term Fees per annum
Year 12 $16,880* $50,640
Year 11 $12,660 $50,640
Year 10 $13,250 $53,000
Year 9 $12,660 $50,640
Years 7-8 $12,125 $48,500
Year 12 $12,760* $38,280
Years 7-11 $9,570 $38,280

* Levied Terms 1, 2 and 3

Download a PDF copy of the fee schedules:

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International Students ›

Melbourne Grammar School is often asked about its approach to education and its views/policies on a range of student issues. For your information, we detail below the most frequently asked questions, together with our responses.

What types of students attend Melbourne Grammar School?

Given its central location in Melbourne, Boarding House facilities and the availability of scholarships and bursaries, the School attracts students from a broad geographical area – local, country Victoria, interstate and international – and from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds. Contrary to popular belief, most families have no previous association with the School. At Wadhurst and the Senior School, a majority of families have two working parents and the School recognises that many make considerable sacrifices to send their children to the School.

Do students have to sit entrance exams to attend Melbourne Grammar School?

Our primary school, Grimwade House, is an open entrance, coeducational school. This means that there are no restrictions to entrance at any level, provided a formal application has been lodged with the Director of Admissions and there are appropriate places available.

Boys wishing to enter Melbourne Grammar School at Year 7 are required to pass an entrance examination. This also applies for new boys entering Year 9, the School’s last ‘official’ in-take year.

From time to time, places may become available at non-intake levels at Wadhurst and Senior School. Application for these is considered in close consultation with the relevant Heads of School.

At the end of Year 6, do students from Melbourne Grammar School’s primary campus automatically receive a place at the middle school?

Boys from Grimwade House automatically progress to Melbourne Grammar’s junior secondary school, called Wadhurst.

Girls from Grimwade House must move on to other schools at the end of Year 6 as Wadhurst, and Melbourne Grammar’s Senior School are boys-only.

Does Melbourne Grammar School only cater for those who are talented academically?

No, this is not the case. While our programs have a strong academic focus, they are carefully structured to be progressive learning experiences across a range of intellectual, social, cultural, spiritual and physical pursuits that will help unlock each and every student’s potential.

While we attract talented individuals, our commitment is to all students, equally, to help them discover their strengths and fulfil their potential.

What type of pastoral care is provided by the School?

Pastoral care at Melbourne Grammar is tailored and responsive to the needs and age of the individual student. Through the Pastoral Care program, all students learn about what is and is not acceptable behaviour, particularly with regards their peer group relationships, and staff reinforce this at every opportunity.

The House system is the basis of pastoral care in both Wadhurst and Senior School. Each boy belongs to a House and is cared for by the Head of that House and a House Tutor who act as mentors, counsellors and role models.

Boys and girls at Grimwade House are cared for by their specialist staff.

A Chaplain, a Counsellor and Learning Strategies staff at each level of the School play important roles in nurturing students. Furthermore, Melbourne Grammar has a specific policy governing the process of counselling and management by which unacceptable behaviour is handled at the school.

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