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Providing commitment, energy and expertise, Old Melburnians significantly benefit the entire School.

Representing all past students of Melbourne Grammar School, the Old Melburnians Society is primarily focused on providing ongoing support to the School, as well as maintaining vital links and friendships for past students.

The Society’s main aims are to:

  • foster fellowship amongst Old Melburnians
  • promote the welfare of the School and the advancement of students leaving the School
  • raise funds for the use and benefit of the school.

Throughout the year the Old Melburnians arranges a number of social activities, such as reunions and community functions, with a highlight of the calendar being the Old Melburnians Annual Dinner. They also support a number of Old Melburnian Sporting Clubs, engage in philanthropic support for the school and can act as mentors and mentees to one another through the Old Melburnian Mentoring Programme.

Every student who attends the School for at least one year becomes an Old Melburnian. This includes girls who attend Grimwade House, and boys who attend Grimwade House, Wadhurst and/or Senior School. Staff who have worked at the School for an accumulated period of at least five years are also welcome to join the Old Melburnians.


Groups of Old Melburnians met occasionally in the School’s early years at sporting fixtures, dinners and other events. In 1879, the Old Melburnians Society was founded, partly due to the School’s very real need for support from its Old Boys during the Depression, but also to formalise the occasions where Old Melburnians would gather. The Society grew steadily from this time, fostering the Old Melburnian spirit and becoming a means for members to stay in touch and actively support the School.


Every student who attends the School for at least one year becomes an Old Melburnian. This includes girls who attend Grimwade House, and boys who attend Grimwade House, Wadhurst and/or Senior School.

All students become Old Melburnians at the end of their final year at secondary school – whether they are currently at Melbourne Grammar School or another education institution. For example, the Old Melburnian year for a female student of Grimwade House is the year she finishes high school. All girls are welcome to attend OM events where students enjoy the opportunity to reconnect with peers from their junior school days.

Most students elect to become Life Members of the Old Melburnians at the completion of their schooling, by paying a Life Membership fee.

The Old Melburnians Society operates through an elected Council and School representatives, with various sub-committees taking responsibility for key areas and activities. An Annual General Meeting is held in November each year, and any Old Melburnian may nominate for the Council.

The Old Melburnians organise year group, branch and other social activities and reunions with the assistance of the Development Office. Many community functions for Old Melburnians and parents are held throughout Australia and the world, with a highlight of each year being the Old Melburnians Annual Dinner.

The Society supports a number of Old Melburnian special interest clubs including football, cricket, golf, soccer, athletics, tennis, basketball, lawn bowls and a Masonic Lodge, while the Ski Club maintains a lodge at Mount Buller.

The Old Melburnians Mentoring Programme now features more than 100 Mentors who represent a wide range of careers and professions. If you feel you need assistance with career development or are indeed contemplating a career change, you may benefit from contact with one of our mentors.

Our Mentoring Programme provides a great opportunity for you to engage and connect with experienced Old Melburnians who are leaders in their various careers and professions. We are very fortunate to have so many dedicated mentors in the programme but are always looking for more.

For further information about the OMs Mentoring Programme, please visit The Old Melburnians website: http://oms.org.au/#mentoring


The aim of the Old Melburnians Fellowship is to provide young Old Melburnians with the support and encouragement to undertake travel, study and/or a project which provides a unique opportunity for self-development and discovery that goes beyond the benefits offered by a higher education.

Fellows will participate in the School’s Emerging Leadership programme upon completion of their Fellowship year, becoming ambassadors within the wider School community and role models to current students.


Staying in Touch


Stay in touch with friends, former classmates, The Old Melburnians Society and the School through OMLink (Locate, Introduce, Network, Know), an online engagement platform exclusively for Old Melburnians to network professionally and socially.

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Old Melburnians Contacts

Penny Richards Fowler
Penny Richards Fowler
Alumni and Community Relations Manager

Penny is the School contact for Old Melburnians. 

Andrew Maughan
President of the Old Melburnians

Andrew (OM 1979) has been a member of the OMs Council since 2012 and became President in 2017.

Judith Mein
Judith Mein
Alumni & Community Coordinator

Judith is the School contact for members of our community. She can help with all alumni and event queries.