Leadership in the Curriculum | Melbourne Grammar School

Leadership in the Curriculum

While people may not intuitively know how to lead, leadership should and can be taught.

Melbourne Grammar School is one of the first schools in Australia to teach leadership in a systematic way, incorporating leadership programmes delivered in the classroom, co-curricular activities and involvement in the wider community.

By researching contemporary leadership development theories and models, we have identified fundamental competencies that align with the School’s core values and have been used to devise a leadership curriculum.

To ensure that the programme is engaging and relevant to students at all levels, real life stories about “everyday” people demonstrate that leadership is accessible to all. These stories are combined with a range of practical activities involving multimedia, case studies, profiling and interviews.

Students are also able to develop their leadership capabilities through co-curricular activities including sport, outdoor education, music and the arts, boarding and the Values in Action programme. Those students who are elected to formal leadership positions are also provided with further training and development.

While Wadhurst and Senior School have more formal elements of leadership incorporated into the curriculum through the exploration of topics such as decision making; thinking and behaving as a leader; leading through stories; and leading teams, Grimwade House links Leadership Guiding Principles to each of the four units of inquiry that classes complete each term. The themes of community, identity and relationships all underpin the teaching of leadership at our junior school.