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Indigenous Bursary Programme

The Indigenous Bursary Programme is helping more young Indigenous men access a high-quality education in a welcoming, nurturing and warm community that aims to encourage strong cultural understanding.

For many families – including Indigenous Australians - financial and geographic considerations present a significant barrier to accessing a Melbourne Grammar School education. The School is helping young Indigenous men access a high-quality education, and strengthening cultural understanding and connections.

Nurturing a sense of belonging and providing an environment that acknowledges and affirms Indigenous identity is also crucial. That is why we ensure that Indigenous students are welcomed into a warm community, one that strives to provide them with a home-away-from-home in our boarding houses.

The School community is demonstrating its commitment to creating a shared future by supporting funding for 12 Indigenous bursaries in any given year. Each bursary provides the majority of the required financial assistance to cover tuition and boarding fees, and selected incidentals.

As a growing cohort of students benefit from the financial support and educational opportunities made possible by the Programme, Melbourne Grammar School has set a goal to increase the number of Indigenous Bursaries available to 15.

To help make this goal a reality, we need the support of the School community - Old Melburnians, parents, and friends. Your support will help us to encourage Indigenous students to dream big, strive hard and achieve their personal goals. 

To discuss developing your philanthropic efforts through the Indigenous Bursary Programme, please contact Manager Stewardship and Donor Relations, Moya Barclay

A team of passionate Old Melburnians, parents, Indigenous community leaders and staff are committed to guiding the Programme and ensuring its long-term success.

Chair Ian Ward-Ambler

Adrian Appo OAM

Phil O'Connor
Head of the Indigenous Programme

Peter Greenberg OAM

David Harper AM

Alice Hill

Roy Kelley

Jason Mifsud 

Rupert Myer AO

Josée Pinsonneault
Director of Development

Seri Renkin

Deb Walsh


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