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Friends of Grammar, the School’s parent group, is a valued and vital part of the School community.

Affectionately known as FOG, Friends of Grammar is an integral part of the School community, providing support, expertise and vast amounts of energy across all campuses. By promoting friendship and goodwill between parents and staff, FOG helps all families – especially new ones – to get to know the School and become involved, while also raising funds for additional projects, equipment and facilities to benefit the School.

The purpose of Friends of Grammar is to:

  • encourage and foster the involvement of parents in all facets of School life
  • promote goodwill amongst parents and teachers
  • raise money for the School.

Friends of Grammar encompass the entire current parent group, as well as guardians, teachers and staff, including the Headmaster, Heads of Grimwade House, Wadhurst and Senior School and their partners.

Friends of Grammar Executive 2017

Senior School President  Kate Anstee
Senior School Vice President  Bindy Dethridge
Wadhurst President   Maria Pirpiris
Wadhurst Vice President     Megan Tarrant
Grimwade House President    Sarah Sefton
Grimwade House Vice President Jo Szabo


Friends of Grammar operate through elected committees, one representing each of the three school campuses: Grimwade House, Wadhurst and Senior School. There is also an Executive Committee, which comprises the Presidents and Vice Presidents from each campus committee and the Headmaster who attends as the representative for the Director of Finance & Administration, who is the registered Secretary.

At the Friends of Grammar Special General Meeting held in November each year, members of each campus committee are elected for a period of one year (but may be eligible for re-election). All Friends of Grammar members are encouraged to nominate for these positions.


Each year a diverse range of social, educational and fundraising activities are hosted by Friends of Grammar. These activities include family picnics, year group cocktail parties, dinner dances, sports days, concerts, auctions and luncheons.

Throughout the year, Friends of Grammar support organised School functions at their respective campuses, providing refreshments and volunteers for a variety of events such as the Senior School Production.

Every year, Friends of Grammar conduct a major fundraising event ranging from School fairs and gala dinner auctions to family picnics or concerts. It is always the aim of Friends of Grammar to include all members of the School community in these events which serve as a focal point for families and help strengthen our community.

A key to fostering parent involvement is the class/house and year level representative network. Generally, two parents from each class/house or year level are appointed to work alongside the Friends of Grammar campus committees to organise class/house parties and act as a key link between committees, parents and staff. These representatives play a vital role in encouraging families to become active members of the School community.

Friends of Grammar act as a contact point for new families, to boarders and their families, or to any families in need of support. We encourage parents to utilise their committee for any such purpose.

All funds raised by the Friends of Grammar are directed back to the School and used to further opportunities for students. Over the past ten years, more than $995,000 has been raised and used to purchase essential items such as music stands, projectors, digital cameras, electronic whiteboards, musical instruments, iMac computers and camping equipment.

Friends of Grammar have also contributed to the School’s Building Appeal and funded major projects for students, as well as donating funds to staff bursaries, staff-in-residence programmes, seminars for parents and other activities. Specific contributions have been made to the Indigenous Programme and Sculpture Walk in recent years.

Friends of Grammar accounts are reviewed by the School’s auditors and a full set of financials is distributed annually.

The Second-hand Uniform Shop is operated by Friends of Grammar, providing a valuable service to parents and students, with the funds raised returned to the School. It is affectionately known as the ‘Swap Shop’ and is staffed by volunteer FOG representatives.

Volunteers are always needed for different activities and if you would like to be involved, please contact Judith Mein at the Lodge and ask for the contact details of your Friends of Grammar President.