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Frequently Asked Questions

At Melbourne Grammar School, we believe the right opportunity can make a big difference to our students' lives. We are proud to offer a wide range of scholarships, adding to the diversity of our student body and creating a culture that celebrates achievement across many different disciplines. A number of boarding scholarships are available. For more information, please click here 

Rest assured that if your son falls ill he will be well looked after at the Health Centre. If the illness is of a more serious nature or if your son needs to leave school for an extended period, he must stay with a guardian or a parent until he is recovered.

Should your son be absent from the Boarding House for medical or other reasons the School requires notification.

School Uniform


Just like day boys, boarders are expected to comply with all school uniform regulations. Boys are expected to travel to and from school in the correct school uniform. Those who have just finished sport at the end of the day may return to the House in sports gear.



Full correct sports uniform is required for PE, House sport and School sport. Boys playing representative sport must ensure they are well presented.



Boys may wear neat casual clothes during non-school hours.

Most of the boarding staff live on-site with their families, creating a close-knit community within the boarding precinct. 

Yes, as Melbourne Grammar is a school that embraces technology all boys are required to have their own notebook computer. To ensure protection and insurance against breakage, theft or malfunction we recommend notebook computers be purchased through the School.
Yes. The boarding houses are equipped with telephones and wifi access and we encourage boys and their family to maintain close contact.
Yes. As we understand students may require some extra help and guidance at times, the School offers counselling services to all boys. Referrals to the School Psychologist are made by teaching or boarding staff, and we always maintain close consultation with parents. Please see Pastoral Care for more information.
Just like at home, we expect that boys behave with common sense. We encourage and promote courtesy and good manners with respect for each other and each other’s property.
We ask that all boys have a nominated guardian who is able to care for him when he is not well enough to attend school, yet it is too far to travel home. Guardians often take care of boys at half term weekends when the boarding house closes, and may take a student home for occasional overnight stays at weekends. All international students must have a guardian who lives in Melbourne.
Yes, the House closes from Friday 4.00pm at mid-term and 1.30pm at term’s end. The boarding houses generally reopen on the day before term resumes. Families must make arrangements for boarding students to be away from the School at these times.
It is natural to miss home, particularly for first-time boarders. We encourage an open and honest approach from staff and parents with support throughout the House for those missing home, especially in their early days as a boarder. We also appreciate that parents at times may struggle to adjust, which is why we invite Mums and Dads to contact the Head of House with any concern they may have about their son. Parents looking for further support can turn to the Boarder Parents’ Network, a valuable support group.

Each year a new cohort of boys from across Victoria, Australia and even overseas arrive at Melbourne Grammar School – so your son will be making the transition from home in the company of peers.

To help make the transition to life in Melbourne easier, we plan an extensive orientation programme for the first few weeks of the school year. This enables the boys to get to know each other better, along with finding their way around their new school and city.

Yes, just like at home, the boys will have help to ensure homework is being done, to check record books and to lend assistance when needed. At weekends no set time is laid down for homework although time on Sunday is usually established as a period for quiet work.

Specialist tutors in mathematics and languages area available throughout the week to help the boys with their homework.

Just because your boys are away from home doesn’t mean they won’t be doing household chores! These include kitchen duty, tidying the TV room, emptying rubbish bins and collecting pantry supplies from the kitchen.


All main meals are eaten in the Luxton Dining Hall. Breakfast and evening meals are supervised by the Duty Tutor whilst lunch is eaten with teaching staff. Meals are served via a cafeteria style servery and boys have a choice of meals. Boarders are strongly encouraged to consider what they eat so that they ensure a balanced healthy diet. Vegetarian meals are available by arrangement.

Boys also have access to House kitchenettes that have all the food and equipment – fridges, microwaves, toasters, sandwich makers, jugs – to make drinks and snacks outside of main meal times.

Yes. Parents are definitely encouraged to visit their sons in the House both at the weekend and during the week. Arrangements can be made to take boys out for meals during the week.