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With a focus on enjoyment and teamwork, boys at Wadhurst take part in a varied sports programme throughout the year.

Physical education is an integral part of the curriculum and the School keenly promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. Boys experience a variety of team and individual sports during Years 7 and 8, including ball sports, swimming, athletics, sailing and rowing. As well as the curriculum sports activities, boys take part in the House and interschool sports held on a regular basis to encourage teamwork, competition and leadership.

The best available coaches and facilities are on hand at Wadhurst, allowing the programme to cater to all abilities, while also providing pathways for the elite. Wadhurst has its own oval, where boys play football and cricket. Boys are also able to share facilities with the Senior School, including two ovals, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, soccer pitch and the Edwin Flack Sports Complex, which contains ovals, multi-purpose fields, hockey pitches, tennis courts and more. No matter the sport, boys will play on top-quality grounds and experience encouraging coaching.

By taking part in a wide variety of sporting activities, students learn new skills and establish many life-long friendships. Engaging in sport helps boys to developing personal fitness and positive self-image, while learning to work cooperatively with each other and their coaches. There is an emphasis on sportsmanship and respecting our opponents. 

At Wadhurst, parents are asked to encourage their son to participate in the School’s sporting activities and support the School’s sports policies. Parents will enjoy meeting one another at the many sports fixtures where they can establish new friendships and build strong links with the School.

Associated Public Schools (APS) or Saturday sport is held on Saturdays (and some Friday evenings) and has one training session per week usually held on Wednesdays.

This inter-school competition is conducted over three separate seasons: the summer season which extends from the last half of Term 4 to the end of Term 1; the winter season which includes Term 2 and the first third of Term 3; and the spring season which extends to early in Term 4.

Students are required to choose one summer sport and one winter sport each year. In summer, students have the opportunity to play any tennis, cricket, swimming, volleyball, sailing and table tennis. In winter, students can play football, soccer, hockey, rugby, cross-country running and basketball. In spring, when sport is voluntary, students can choose between water polo and athletics.

Distinct from Physical Education classes taken during the week, inter-House sport is timetabled once per fortnight. Students relish the chance to compete against their friends in up to ten sports over a year for the highly sought after House Cup.

While the sport programme aims to maximise enjoyment and participation through skill and fitness development, a main focus is on the students developing good sportsmanship and learning to work collaboratively and contribute positively by playing a role as a member of a team.

Wadhurst sports fixtures and results for the APS interschool competition are available to Melbourne Grammar School parents and students.

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