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With an emphasis on participation, our extensive sports programme promotes a healthy lifestyle and physical wellbeing.

The Health and Physical Education programme at Grimwade House allows students to develop an understanding of the physical, social, emotional and mental benefits of physical health and wellbeing. Aquatics, ball skills and gym skills are taught at all levels, with a focus on skill acquisition, personal improvement and enjoyment. Health is taught in conjunction with the Physical Education programme in the classroom and also through integration into physical activities.

The Health programme covers developmentally appropriate content in the health benefits of physical activity, food and nutrition, mental health and wellbeing, relationships and sexuality and the use and misuse of alcohol and other drugs.

Students from Prep to Year 2 are involved in physical and sporting activities that develop fundamental motor skills with an emphasis on participation, while students from Year 3 to Year 6 progressively take part in more competitive games and physical activities that build into complex games.

A focus on enjoyment, participation and cooperation underpins the Health and Physical Education programme, which is delivered by four full-time staff, and makes use of our wonderful resources including a 25-metre indoor pool, recently redeveloped multipurpose courts for tennis, netball, basketball and hockey, a gymnasium, turf cricket pitches and training nets and a large oval space.

House Competitions


Students from Years 3 to 6 compete in House Sport competitions, including Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country.

In addition, in Years 5 and 6, House Competitions are held in the last week of each term for the Associated Public Schools (APS) sport that the students have participated in.

Inter-School Competitions


Year 5 and 6 students also participate in weekly interschool competitions organised by the Associated Public Schools of Victoria (APS) on Wednesday afternoons.

The APS Programme involves weekly afterschool training sessions and in recognition of excellence, many of our students undergo trials for selection in division teams, which can lead to Regional and then State selection in sports teams.

Sports include cricket, tennis, table tennis, softball, swimming, cross country, football, netball, volleyball, basketball, European handball, hockey, soccer, athletics, badminton, sailing, touch rugby and water polo.

Year 4 students, along with Year 5 and 6 students are invited to trial for our school Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming APS Division teams.

Our students also regularly participate in external competitions in golf, aerobics and snowsports.

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