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Year 8 Student Transition presentation
As boys enter the exciting and sometimes overwhelming world of secondary school, the community of Wadhurst provides a safe and nurturing environment.

Wadhurst is an intimate and responsive environment in which each boy’s needs can be thoroughly and sensitively met. Having a strong social group is important to learning, and we encourage boys to make friends through their academic classes and while engaged in our sport, music and co-curricular programs.

Wadhurst has four small, vibrant and interactive pastoral care House communities – Cain, Caffin, Cuming and Wilhelm – which embrace all aspects of school life. The Head of each House and the team of tutors get to know the individual boys in their House well, serving as mentors responsible for the pastoral care of students over their two-year Wadhurst experience. These pastoral care groups allow tutors to better monitor each student’s academic, social and emotional progress. Students also benefit from a sense of belonging to and working with a cohesive group where they are known and valued.

In addition to tutors, Wadhurst also has a dedicated Psychologist and Chaplain. Both play vital roles in advising, supporting, nurturing and caring for students.

Boys benefit from the sense of belonging to a group where they are known and valued. For this reason, the House System at Wadhurst is one of the most important ways to provide pastoral care. A boy’s House has a prominent place in his life at Wadhurst, serving as his home base for sporting competitions, camps and excursions.

New students are placed in one of four Houses for Years 7 and 8 – either Caffin (gold), Cain (light blue), Cuming (bottle green) or Wilhelm (red). Each House is made up of two Year 7 and two Year 8 form groups, and the boys meet in these groups at the start of each day. Many activities are organised around House competitions. Boys relish, for example, competing in sports such as cross-country, swimming and athletics against other Houses for the House Cup.

The small size and intimate nature of the Houses make them responsive and nurturing pastoral care communities. The Head of each House and its team of tutors play the role of mentors responsible for the care of students and monitoring each boy’s academic, social and emotional progress. Over the two years a student spends at Wadhurst, tutors come to know the boys and their families well, establishing the vital School and home partnership.

A registered psychologist is on staff and available to consult with students, parents and teachers regarding issues which may affect a student’s educational and personal welfare. This service ranges from direct work with students, by way of individual counselling, assessment and programming, to indirect support and intervention with parents and staff.

Although an Anglican School with a Christian tradition, students and staff from a wide range of cultural and religious backgrounds make valuable contributions, and our boys come to respect the broad views of all religions.

Boys in Years 7 and 8 regularly attend Chapel in the Chapel of Saint Peter. Wadhurst students are encouraged to participate in the various aspects of the services, including serving, reading from the Bible, leading the prayers, special presentations and enhancing the music. The services provide an opportunity for the students to explore the Christian faith and the Anglican tradition.

Confirmation is held each year with Wadhurst and Senior School boys, and preparation classes are held during the term leading up to the Confirmation.

Annual services are held in Term 1 for each of the Houses at Wadhurst. Boys and their families are expected to attend their House service as an opportunity for the House to gather together in worship and fellowship. Special musical items and dramatic presentations are usually prepared for these services by boys in the House.

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