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As young people grow and mature they require a nurturing environment which allows them to explore who they are and where they are going.

Senior School promotes a culture of mutual respect and support for each student’s social, emotional and spiritual progress. It aims to empower its young men with the knowledge and skills to manage their lives and their relationships with others.

The wellbeing of each student is closely monitored and largely depends on an active and communicative partnership between home and school. Senior School also runs proactive programmes on behaviour, stress management, anti-bullying, healthy living and all forms of harm minimisation. Through encouragement and careful monitoring we aim for each boy to grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally during his time in the Senior School.

The House System is the basis of pastoral care in Senior School, with each student belonging to a House. Within the House, boys of all ages from Years 9 to 12 join smaller groups led by a Tutor who comes to know them well, and within these groups, students have the opportunity to discuss various academic and social issues and resolve problems or conflicts. In Year 11, students are invited to undertake training in counselling skills and join a peer support group that cares specifically for fellow students.

As student wellbeing is of high importance, registered psychologists are provided to assist boys with personal and education matters, while spiritual guidance is provided by School Chaplains.


There are currently ten Houses for day boys and two for boarders, and a student belongs to the one house throughout his entire time in the Senior School.

Each House and each Tutor group within a given House has members in all year groups from 9 to 12. Membership of the one House gives the student the opportunity to participate in and identify with a group larger than and more representative than a class or team, yet not as large as the school itself. It also gives the boy and his parents a better chance of being known, appreciated and understood by allowing for more attention to be paid to individuals and their unique qualities.

Each House is administered by a Head of House who, with the assistance of a number of Tutors, is responsible for the welfare and general care for all the boys in the House. The Head of House and Tutor remain the consistent link for the student during his entire time in the Senior School.

The Counselling Services Department provides support from registered psychologists who are available to assist students with their approach to learning, including child, adolescent and family issues which impact on educational progress.

This assistance might be for time management, organisation and planning, concentration and attention, motivation, or management of anxiety and mood. There are also many other reasons students may find counselling services useful. Parents are welcome to contact the Director of Counselling if they feel their son requires assistance.

The Counselling Services Department also provides peer support and staff professional development programmes; assistance to students who are new to the School, particularly those who have come from overseas, interstate or rural Victoria; and the administration of standardised tests, the results of which can help to identify students with special needs.


Head of Counselling Services Dr Barbara Jones
Senior School Psychologist Mr Justin McNamara


The School has at three chaplains on the staff, all of whom are ordained Priests of the Anglican Church. Whilst enrolment is open to students of all faiths, or none, the School highly values spiritual awareness and it is expected that those who choose to attend the School will share in the Chapel life and the Philosophy and Religious Studies programme that is offered.

Anglicanism values intellectual debate of a high order in matters of Christian faith and tradition and does not welcome either religious bigotry or the closed mind. Students in the Senior School are encouraged to develop and share their opinions and beliefs, and to explore their spirituality through regular Chapel services and self reflection.

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