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The middle school years are crucial in education, and Wadhurst staff are experts in educating this age group.

Wadhurst seeks to attract staff with special interest and expertise in the education of 12 to 14 year old boys and all staff teach exclusively in the Middle School. Our experienced staff – a balanced blend of male and female teachers – have a deep understanding of young adolescents and work in partnership with them and their parents.

In addition to classroom learning, students have close contact with a small team of tutors. Tutors help with personal organisation, advise on study techniques and encourage boys to enter academic competitions and special events. They prepare students for increasingly independent learning.

In creating an innovative, dynamic and technology-rich learning environment, Wadhurst staff work hard to inspire and motivate every student, encouraging them to reach their potential.

Headmaster Mr Roy Kelley
Head of Wadhurst Mr Greg Caldwell
Deputy Head of Wadhurst Mr Dan Newton
Director of Sport Mr Scott Whyte
Director of Music Ms Melinda Sawer
Chaplain Rev Malcolm Woolrich
Head of Caffin House Dr Evan Coventry
Head of Cain House Mr Matt Houniet
Head of Cuming House Mr Tim Inglefinger
Head of Wilhelm House Mr Tim Bratton

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