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Wadhurst students enjoy increased freedom and personal responsibility, in a caring environment that has the learner as its clear focus.

Boys entering Melbourne Grammar School for their first year of secondary education are facing an exciting and challenging time. They have new friendships to form, a new school to navigate and many new things to experience. To help them through this busy start, students have regular and close contact with a small team of tutors and they become a constant in the daily life of the boys. The time tutors spend with the boys in their care allows for the development of strong relationships based on mutual understanding. As such, the tutor is someone a boy can turn to for advice, assistance and support with regard to all aspects of his school life. 

At Wadhurst, students learn about themselves in a variety of areas. In the classroom they deepen their subject knowledge, but they are also shown how to be critical consumers of that knowledge. Through co-curricular activities they are challenged to explore new opportunities so that they may uncover unrealised talents and so that they learn more about their emotional and physical capacities. 

Adolescence can be a confusing, even confronting, time in a young man’s life. At Wadhurst, we provide clear expectations and firm boundaries while remaining responsive to the development of each individual. In these years, physical and emotional growth often surges but not in a uniform way across all students. Wadhurst provides an environment that allows boys to develop into young men at a pace with which they are comfortable.

The world our students are growing up in is changing quickly and will provide challenges quite different to those faced by their parents. We want our students to be enthusiastic about, rather than fearful of, any new situations they find themselves in and to show them that they can overcome the hurdles that seem to be in front of them.

To achieve this, we endeavour to develop the mind, body and spirit – the whole person – which is linked to one of the School’s core values: a positive sense of self. We generate situations where our boys can test themselves by striving to reach goals just beyond their grasp. They learn that with effort and persistence, what seems unachievable actually is not and this builds confidence, personal capacity and resilience. Many instances of these occur within our classrooms and on our sporting fields, but students also have the opportunity to involve themselves in pursuits of personal interest such as design and technology, debating, chess and astronomy to develop their talents.

We believe that our changing society will require our young men to be flexible and accepting, able to empathise, make the most of continually evolving technologies, know their wider community and develop their emotional intelligence. At Wadhurst, we help our students on this journey by encouraging the acquisition of communication skills, thoughtful decision making, the embracing of responsibility, the maintenance of a sense of balance in increasingly busy lives and to be creative.


Leadership begins with self. We provide settings in which young people learn to be well organised and manage their own affairs. They develop leadership skills in formal and informal situations. We value initiative in tackling a variety of situations. Leadership is also seen as offering service and help to others and our boys willingly engage in community service.

The wide range of experiences on offer gives students experiences and knowledge of leadership, which we describe as “small L” or leadership of self.

Amongst the many advantages of a small community dedicated to fostering learning and leadership, boys enjoy a range of opportunities and substantial individual roles.

From House and School Captain positions to leadership responsibilities in sport, music or drama, each student has the opportunity to discover his own abilities and assert his independence.

At Wadhurst boys come together from diverse backgrounds to share ideas and build lifelong friendships. This bond extends to the heart of the Melbourne Grammar community which itself has a living tradition of community service. Students and their families are encouraged to become involved in a number of service and fundraising initiatives so that each student can develop his own sense of community and recognise the value of his place in society.

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