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Learning at Senior School

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A focus on academic excellence and personal development prepares Senior School students for successful adulthood.

Entering Senior School can be both exciting and challenging, with students guided through the broad curriculum and diverse array of co-curricular activities by highly experienced staff.

The Senior School curriculum is structured to allow a wide range of choice and is based on semester units of work. In Years 9 and 10, core subjects and semester electives allow students to gain essential skills as well as follow their passions and interests with a wide range of challenging elective units. In Year 11, many students will have access to a Unit 3/4 subject giving them the very best opportunity to excel in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

With expert guidance, a secure environment and access to appropriate technologies, our young men develop a positive sense of self and the confidence to go on learning. Our education philosophy has an emphasis on creating autonomous learners; students who are able to navigate through information; and programmes that give due credit to the need for self-knowledge and emotional intelligence.

Many activities help students become aware of their individual learning styles and intellectual character. For this reason the academic focus of the curriculum is supported by co-curricular activities in sports, the arts, outdoor education and community service that give opportunities to work collaboratively, to value each student’s particular intelligence and to expand the ways in which students think.

Personal ICT devices have been fully integrated throughout the curriculum, as is a strong focus on the development of leadership skills. With over forty-five studies on offer in the final years and an enviable reputation for academic rigour leading to outstanding success at tertiary level, students at Senior School are ably prepared for a lifetime of learning.

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