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Information Technology

Technology is incorporated into every part of the curriculum, enhancing the processes of teaching and learning.

At Wadhurst, information technology devices are fully integrated throughout the curriculum empowering boys to share ideas, interact with their peers and teachers, and investigate their own learning pathways.

With a focus on responsible digital citizenship, the mobile computing programme engages students who have different learning styles and allows students to work anywhere, anytime. Wadhurst is a fully wireless campus.

Use of information and communication technology within the curriculum assists student’s thinking processes, creativity and communication. It also provides opportunities for students to express themselves and keep up-to-date with an increasingly technology-dependent world.

One of the aims of the mobile device programme is to raise awareness of health, safety and ethical issues related to appropriate computer usage and the online world. While we believe that eLearning tools are invaluable for children’s education, we do not agree with the use of any non-educational computer games in a learning environment and these are not permitted, nor is the use of offensive backgrounds. Accessing inappropriate sites will not be tolerated, will be vigorously followed up and sanctions applied.

The School’s IT Department will advise parents of the choices of information technology devices that can be used by students. Parents are responsible for the purchase and any necessary maintenance of their son’s device. If the device is purchased through the School’s preferred supplier, the School IT Department will facilitate any necessary repairs. If your son uses an iPad, it must be ‘tethered’ to a computer at home which will enable his work to be backed-up. Printing of student work must take place at home.

All students and parents are required to read and understand the School’s User Network Agreement. This agreement details the School’s guidelines for the appropriate use of the school network, internet and licensing services. The agreement must be signed by parents and returned to the school in order for the student to access the school’s network.

Parents are encouraged to contact the Director of Information Technology if they have ongoing concerns or perceived problems regarding their son’s information technology device.

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