Science and technology

Our labs, IT hubs and technology learning spaces reflect our position as a leading school, as well as our desire to offer students facilities that are in line with their particular learning needs.  

Age-specific labs and learning areas

By providing science and technology facilities that match developmental stages, we ensure students remain engaged with this discipline throughout their time at Melbourne Grammar School.

The Grimwade House science wing is where primary school students begin connecting with scientific ideas and methods in their own purpose-built space. With benches at the right height and surrounds appropriate to young children, they understand that science is accessible and enjoyable from their very first experience. Grimwade House students also utilise the extensive resources of the ‘Tech room’ to begin their formal educational engagement with contemporary technology.

Similarly the science and technology facilities at Wadhurst are designed for and dedicated to the specific needs of those students.

The exceptional Geoff Handbury Science and Technology Hub for Senior School students is a state-of-the-art facility for science and design technology studies.

We recognise that the world is rapidly changing and we need to adopt new ideas, practices and innovative solutions to complex problems. A place for science, technology and innovation, the Geoff Handbury Science and Technology Hub will help develop students into scientific thinkers, problem solvers and innovators and inspire them to make lasting contributions to society.

Roy Kelley

The brand new world-class facility features open learning spaces rather than rigid classrooms. Laboratories are flexible and able to accommodate a variety of disciplines. There are also informal learning areas and quiet study zones, all of which are aimed at encouraging students to explore and develop their own ideas and projects.

Embedded technology

To support their projects, Grimwade House students make use of media, design and technology hubs along with 3D printers, robotics resources and green screens for media production.

State-of-the-art technology is commonplace across our classrooms in all campuses, and is available to support the goals of each lesson when appropriate.